The Only Place Where You Can Bid Online On the Origin

Is FortuneBerry a berry that grows in jungles, orchards, or farms?

Actually no; FortuneBerry is a very special berry, but you cannot find it on any farm or jungle. If you want to find a matchless berry and taste it, you should take your basket and discover; the only place where you can find FortuneBerries!

Here at, we call auctions which are held online for fresh goods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, livestock, flowers, fish, and so on, an opportunity that we name it as FortuneBerry; fresh and tasty as a berry!

How Does it Work?

FortuneBerry helps buyers and sellers worldwide to buy and sell their fresh agricultural products, easily, fast, safely, and especially fair.

Our platform offers a creative and new way to conduct online auctions, allowing customers to place bids on items they want to buy from the origin and sellers to promote their goods to a large audience. Sellers can access a larger customer base and the best potential price for their goods by utilizing FortuneBerry.

So, if you are a buyer or seller just need to fill out the online form and then we will assist you to start bidding on your favorite products.

Our Values

FortuneBerry always prioritizes fair bidding and transparency for online auctions and products. We provide you with a quick bidding option to eliminate the bargaining phase and deal in a few seconds. We are committed to supporting sustainable agricultural practices. Our easy-to-use online auction platform is accessible from anywhere in the world with a computer or smartphone.

How we are supporting sustainable agriculture?

FortuneBerry making it possible for global buyers to find responsible formers anywhere in the world, we are pledge to invest 5% of all our income into supporting sustainable agriculture. The future of farming is symbiotic with the future of the earth, and we’re committed to fostering sustainable practices through this investment.

Meet The Team

Sam Safavi
Sam Safavi Founder and CEO
Abdolvahab Safavi
Abdolvahab Safavi Founder and COO
Farzad Zoghi
Farzad Zoghi CFO
Mohammad Shams
Mohammad Shams CTO
Mehrad Dehbid
Mehrad Dehbid VP of Engineering
Mahsa Vahidi
Mahsa Vahidi CMO
Zoha Savadkoohi
Zoha Savadkoohi Legal Advisor
Saloume Safavi
Saloume Safavi PR Manager
Muhammad Umar
Muhammad Umar Business Development Specialist
Samak AI Assistant

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