For Participants

We all can invest our money in different projects and assets in different industries.

For example, we can deposit our money by banks and credit institutes or invest it in bonds, real estate, or cryptocurrencies. As Investors, we evaluate investment opportunities by two more important measures: risk and return, and will choose our favorite projects in different ways mostly looking at the rate of return. There are a huge number of investors who are looking for opportunities to cover their values also. These investors usually looking for fair and green projects to diversify their portfolios.

In FortuneBerry, we provide such investment opportunities for you to participate with responsible farmers around the world. All you should do is registering and pre-buying some parts of the crops, that would be harvested in the current season or the next one.

As you know, always there is a gap between farms prices and supermarket prices. So, after selling these products in the market, you can find your money plus the profit of your participation, in your FortuneBerry account!