For Farmers

Hey! We know what do you like to say.
Almost all farmers around the world, have the same challenges.

Let’s check some of them together:

1-     Farms prices most of the time are lower than supermarket prices.
2-     Raising working capital is expensive and time-consuming. Farming is also money consuming activity, so you cannot fund your farm at right time, to create the most value that you potentially able to create.
3-     Farmers don’t have bargaining power against middlemen.
4-     The value doesn’t share fairly along the value chain!
5-     You cannot participate with the value chain players easily.

If you agree, please tell us more about yourself and your farming activities via filling out the online form on this page. It would be our pleasure to set a participation plan with you.

We are committed to supporting responsible farmers worldwide, so we will check responsibility principles as below. We are not stern and if you satisfy the first item and just one criterion from the others, we think we can work together. We have time to improve the other points after starting.

 Who is a responsible farmer?

Farmers are so important persons because they not only produce our foods and guarantee our health, but also use the critical resources of our planet as water and soil and also agriculture is the biggest employer worldwide. So, it’s really important for farmers to have a responsible approach to their job.  According to the nature of farming, responsibility would contain these main principles:

1-     Producing healthy and safe crops
2-     Care about farmers’ and laborers’ health and safety
3-     Care about natural resources, soil, water, and local varieties
4-     Working closely with consultants and mentors
5-     Productivity