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Spicella Tomato Sauce

Spicella Tomato Sauce

This special natural product is produced by utilizing Georgian natural raw materials thus promoting Georgian produce and production worldwide.

Spicella is the producer’s first natural and additive-free product created from a unique Georgian family recipe. Spicella is a tomato Satsebeli – a traditional Georgian sauce, it gives piquant flavor and distinctive taste to soups, fish, meat, vegetables, pasta, and pizza.

Spicella can also be used as a mixer with cocktails, such as the classic Bloody Mary and gives it a special characteristic.

Actually, Spicella is not an ordinary tomato pasta, it’s a traditional mixed sauce that is unique due to its consumption in cold (ketchup) and hot forms(for soups, salsa, pizza base, etc. ). It can be also offered to restaurants and pubs for making cocktails.

Entrepreneurship like a Georgian Lady

She is an active and ambutionate woman, has a strong focus on developing Spicella and the economic prospers of her local society. Khatia Nikoleishvili started in 2018, and now her special tomato sauce is providing by Hypermarkets in Georgia, England, and recently NYC.

Spicella Tomato Sauce

Is this a real FortuneBerry?

Khatia is going to develop her responsible business by raising funds and finding new markets. So, it seems preselling some Spicellas would be a good idea to raising money and reaching a professional marketing partner all in one.

Let’s review all details of this FortuneBerry in the bellow:

The deadline for registering participation in this FortuneBerry is till 17th of October 2021.,

The end date of this partnership is Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

The minimum amount of participation in this event is 12 bottles for each participant. Each bottle’s net weight is around 360 grams.

Value creation of this FortuneBerry is done through participation in processing, packaging, transportation, wholesaling, and marketing of the product.

11% return on investment could be expected for Pre-purchasers that invest in this commodity.



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